Ginny Morgan

This site is dedicated to continuing the legacy Ginny left us.

May all beings be Wise, Compassionate and Happy.

Ginny meditating

Show Me Dharma Committed Practice Classes

Ginny's Buddhist Memorial Service - Sept 5, 2011 at Show Me Dharma

Ginny Morgan's Celebration Ceremony - Oct 2, 2011

(sorry we missed some of the Sufi Choir's performance due to technical difficulties)

Program from the Oct 2, 2011 ceremony

1) We are collecting and posting any of Ginny's dharma talks that anyone has recorded over the years. Please contact me at or 573-368-6858 to arrange how we might get copies of you recording for posting.

2) I am compiling stories of our remembrances of Ginny, funny, sad, heartfelt, profound, her teaching stories as you remember them, etc. Please feel free to write them up and email them to me. If that isn't your cup of tea but you would like your story included in the compilation I would be happy to meet with you and record you telling me the story which will then be transcribed to become part of the compilation.

Thank you for sharing,

Maureen Hall- Webmaster

The retreat recordings below are being offered in honor and memory of our beloved Ginny Morgan.

After Ginny's passing I was looking for a new meditation mentor and came across Venerable Pannavati. That was quite an interesting turn of events, which I am always happy to share with those who are curious. Suffice it to say I felt Ginny's influence in finding Pannavati. I asked her to be my mentor and she consented.

I find Pannavati and Pannadipa's way of teaching so clear and compassionate I feel impelled to share them here.

May all beings find freedom from suffering,


Ginny introduced me to her dear friend Gina Sharpe years ago. Gina is an amazingly clear and compassionate teacher. Her wisdom and insight bring me to a deeper more mindful place in my practice.

It is my sincere hope that these recordings of her teaching will do the same for you.


- Wholesome Disillusionment

Gina Sharpe

- Living in the Light of Divine Sanity

Annie Nugent - Show Me Dharma Retreat 09-16-2012

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